Better Pools make Better Miners

We aspire to be the most efficient Scrypt pool in existence

Current Pool Statistics

These values are automatically updated every 10 seconds

Pool Hashrate

0.0 KH/s

Active Workers


Blocks found *Most of these blocks are from smaller chains like DGB, VERGE, etc...


Average 24h profitability

0.0 BTC/TH/s

Current profitability

0.0 BTC/TH/s

Pool Hashrate

Pool Profitability

About Us

We are a pool designed and operated by miners with 6+ years experience in the mining industry. We grew tired of Pools with high fees or ineffective coin switch algorithms.

  • Our Backend is written from scratch in C++
  • Our Stratum servers are distributed and scalable
  • Our profitability is higher due to our more effective switching algorithms

We also believe that pools should be PPS, and the PPS rate should be computed automatically frequently. We don't want people waiting for days at a time for a block to be found or for the PPS rate to be updated. Our fee is low (1.0%) and you are credited immediately after submitting a share at the current profitability of the pool. Payouts are every hour.