Getting Started

  1. Understand how mining works. You can and should research different hardware and how to set your hardware up. Remember to check profitability for your hardware, you can use online benchmark data to get the hashrate of your hardware, you can use those results in our Calculator to estimate your profitability.
  2. Create an account at PowerPool. You can register Here.
  3. Configure your miners. Our servers use optimized routing, so it will route your miner to your nearest active server automatically, this reduces your rejected share rate. Moreover, it also balances load across the multiple servers within one region to reduce load and ping. Here are the the main servers:
    stratum+tcp:// (Scrypt)
    stratum+tcp:// (Sha256)
    stratum+tcp:// (Eaglesong)
    stratum+tcp:// (Blake2s)
    stratum+tcp:// (X11)
    stratum+tcp:// (kHeavyHash)
    Use the following parameters:
    Username: <your_username>.<workerName>
    Password: x
    The worker name can be any combination of letters and numbers.
    Moreover, you can set your miner password to "d=N" where N is your starting difficulty.
  4. Connecting with Nicehash To connect with Nicehash use the port 3334.
    Please read our FAQ for what other limitations Nicehash has on our platform.
  5. Alternative port If your miner is not connecting correctly, you can try to use port 3332.
    If you use that port, ensure you are using extranonce subscribe features, to enable it on most miners you have to add "#xnsub" after the port number to the mining url.
    Like this: stratum+tcp://
  6. Set your payout address/addresses. Once you have your account setup, please set a address/addresses for payouts and your payout proportions.
  7. Enjoy mining at the most profitable pool.